Possible date/time Unix Epoch issue with Samsung phones

Description of problem
I’ve noticed a handful of recent observations being uploaded with the observation date Dec 31, 1969 7:00 PM EST (or whatever the timezone offset). I suspect it is due to particular Samsung models or app version.

**URLs **:
These are examples in Michigan, all with the EST timezone offset:
Same goes for California:

This is generally a sign of a null or zero value in a date that counts from the Unix Epoch time. I started notifying people of their inaccurate date, and often pointed them to the photo data to get the correct date/time. While doing that I realized every single on of these I’ve looked at have this in common: They are all taken on a Samsung phone. Looks like mostly Samsung Galaxy S10e.

So I started looking at the model and software version, here are some:

SM-G970U1 G970U1UES4ETI1

It seems these inaccurate date observations on Samsung phones started occuring in late September:

This is beyond me at this point, but I think it is likely a bug for some model or software version of iNat on Samsung.

Steps to recreate
I have not personally had this issue, but some people seem to have reoccurring issues. @andrew54 and I were messaging and they indicated it happens inconsistently.

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Looks like the GPS date stamp is “01/01/70” and the GPS time stamp is “[(0/1), (0/1), (0/1)]” - bizarre.

Yes, that seems to be the case for most of these Unix Epoch dated observations.