Deactivate 'Agree' Button on withdrawn IDs in the app version

In another topic, I suggested to display in the app whether a higher level ID is working as a disagreement or not.
Here, I’d like to propose a change about how withdrawn IDs are shown:

  1. make the ‘Withdrawn’ status clearer (not just greyed out, but additionally striked through, just as in the web version)
  2. disable the ‘Agree’ button on withdrawn IDs

I think the agree button has uses, since a withdrawn ID is often one people/the same person could later revise ID to. It also helps speed up the ID process since the app is slower vs. site.

Further background:

As I recall, not so long ago, after many prolonged and heartfelt forum discussions decrying the Agree Button usage, iNat removed the Agree Button.

There was such an immediate heartfelt outcry, with well-reasoned arguments for it’s use, it was reinstated.

So, that may be a problematic ask.

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Please help me understand your argument, I am not voting against the Agree-button, I just want to have the display and functionality in the app in congruence with the web view.

In the browser display, there is no Agree-button when an ID is withdrawn, and also the text of the withdrawn ID is struck through. I feel this consistency would be reasonable.

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I was not putting forth a position, so much as recalling previous controversy related to the agree button.

I’m imagining The staff would eventually like to make full parity between the apps and the web version. E.g., The iPhone app is missing the Withdraw Button altogether.

Instead of removing it altogether from retracted identifications, just give a prompt like:
“This is a retracted identification. Are you sure you want to agree to it?”

I’m out of likes, but that’s a great compromise.