Clicked "agree" by mistake, cannot undo

I clicked ‘agree’ on a comment to see if there was a dropdown ‘disagree’. It has accepted that I agree, when in fact I don’t! How do I reverse this?

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Click “withdraw” in the dropdown on the top right of an ID


You can also fully delete an ID by going to edit > delete.

Also, if you add another ID which is different from the one you already added, your first one will be automatically withdrawn.


Thanks Jay and Alexis. Couldn’t find “withdraw”, but did end up doing something(!)(?) that put the “agree” box back in the IDer’s entry. Now I just have to wait until someone comes up with the right ID ;)


I’m guessing that you clicked the Agree in the thumbnails on the Identify pages? Those won’t show “Withdraw ID” options after you click them.

It sounds like your original intention was to disagree with an ID that someone else had added. The way to do that on iNaturalist is to add your own ID (at whatever taxonomic level you feel confident of), and/or a polite comment explaining why you disagree. Otherwise, there is no disagree button available anywhere on the site.


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