Definitions of sex side conversation

This. Dont engage them, flag and report. I stopped responding as soon as i realized they werent a good faith interlocutor

Interesting? Maybe, but this still not what this thread should be about. Its exhausting and inappropriate for this stuff to keep coming up. Believe me, there are plenty of places online to have this discussion that arent this particular forum thread.


No argument there. It’s still a learning experience (as irritating as it is).


I kinda felt like this is what it was but try to be polite to everybody. I think my confusion maybe was a good thing, now. Because the point didn’t make a lot of sense to me, even when explicitly stated to me.


Why are we talking to a blue fox?


I’d love to talk to a real blue fox, but would hope for better conversation than this if so. Even if it were the horrifying yelps i’d prefer that to be honest.


exactly :)


I’m not a transphobe. I want the best for trans people and that’s not sex denial. I 100% support using trans people’s preferred names and pronouns. And I recognise the necessity of medical transition, at least in some cases. I think treating trans people as their biological sex is to be kept to a minimum. But sometimes single-sex spaces are necessary, and the “assigned” terminology for sex is inappropriate. I think the accusation of trans women of being autogynephiles is ridiculous.

Nor am I a troll or TERF. Why do you have to assume the worst? Can’t you refrain from assuming malice when ignorance is sufficient?

Edit because this comment was hidden: Why did you flag this? Is it because you’re trying to make me seem like a transphobe, troll or TERF by censoring the comment in which I addressed those accusations? And if you were offended by something I said, you should tell me what’s wrong with it rather than flagging my comment. I really do want the best for trans people. Stop accusing me of transphobia.


I think I need to remind everyone that one of iNaturalist’s guidelines is to Assume people mean well.

@cyanfox and everyone who replied to cyanfox, I recommend that you all take a 24-hour break from this conversation so that everyone can review their emotions, enjoy nature, then come back with a well-structured post.

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Why report? Shouldn’t we be able to freely discuss this? And I am a good faith interlocutor. It’s just that I happen to disagree with you, in a way that offends you because you have bought into the toxic fake trans rights ideology that is sex denial. Yes, sex denial is not real trans rights ideology. The people who believe in it may be trans or mean well, but since it’s bad for trans people, it’s not a real trans rights ideology.

Anyways you can automatically hide posts by control + clicking on the person’s username and setting them to “ignore”. Their posts will be hidden and grouped together, and then if you want you can click to see the posts that have been hidden from all users you’re ignoring in the thread.

And don’t forget to flag posts that are trolling or bigoted. And yes. Autism Speaks is a hate group. They want to commit genocide against autistic people. Sex is not a binary. Pretending it is is just flat out intersexist.

if you claim sex is an immutable binary you are being intersexist and transmisic. Insisting this is not malicious does not change the fact that you are causing harm. Intentions don’t matter, only the consequences.

If you say harmful things, it doesn’t matter how many times you insist you’re not malicious, just ignorant.


thank you, Rjalker, I have now Ignored them and they’ve vanished from the whole forum thread on my account. I suggest the others who are being incessantly pinged by them trolling do the same after flagging the appropriate posts.

Coming into the LGBTQ thread to nitpick the (ever-evolving) terminology used by someone weeks ago and insist that it’s “science denying” to respect queer, trans, and intersex people is not “meaning well”, and anyone who’s been on the targeting end of a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist-- aka the kind of ““feminist”” who thinks men are demons and the scourge of the earth, only with the added layer of hating trans people on top of their other toxicity) you would recognize their tactics and the dogwhistles on display here from their very first message.


Not even weeks, two years ago.

Regardless, turns out you cant ignore people on the app, so i guess I’ll need to go log into my computer lol


Shared with the poster’s permision:

identitty-dickruption said:

the thing is, you’re never going to stop saying and thinking intersexist shit until you unlearn the sex binary. I don’t care if a majority of people broadly fall into two camps (“male” and “female”). if you continue to treat sex as a binary category rather than just another social construct, you’re going to keep on thinking about sex in the wrong way

unbinary your idea of sex. learn about intersex variations. learn about the amount of variation that can occur between different races, classes, and disabilities. stop saying “sex is binary, gender is not”. maybe then we’ll be able to have a normal conversation about intersex people

The original poster is intersex, so if you’re perisex…stay in your lane. Listen to marginalized people. You can find intersex people talking and educating about this stuff if you actually look for it and are willing to listen.


there’s an app for the forum? O:

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It’s not science denying to respect queer, trans and intersex people. But it’s science denying to say sex is a spectrum, or speak of it as “assigned”.

I respect queer, trans and intersex people. I am myself bisexual, and I’m not just saying that to justify my queerphobia, as I am not queerphobic. I recognise that intersex people exist. But that doesn’t mean they exist outside of the sex binary. If an intersex person has ovaries and not testes, they are biologically female, not male or a third sex, regardless of any male traits they may have. Likewise, if an intersex person has testes and not ovaries, they are biologically male, not female or a third sex.

Sex is not a binary, as some people have both ovaries and testes, ovotestes, or neither ovaries nor testes. But these are a tiny minority, even among intersex people.

Trans people are people who are uncomfortable with their biological sex. This doesn’t change their biological sex, it just means they have a mental disorder. But that doesn’t justify hatred, transphobia or dismissing them. Quite the opposite, as suffers of mental disorders are some of the most marginalised people and need help. Medical transition is sometimes necessary for trans people. It is medical treatment, and it’s the kind that’s only necessary for people with physical or mental disorders.

Edit because this comment was hidden: Did you flag this because I said trans people have a mental disorder? If so, then that is hypocrisy. On one hand you think trans people need expensive surgery, on the other hand you insist they don’t have a disorder. Why do you say that don’t have a disorder but act like they do?

Believing that trans people have a disorder does not make me a transphobe, because I don’t support mental disorder discrimination. Stop trivialising real transphobia. I’m a cis ally.

Autism Speaks is not a hate group. I don’t support it, but it means well. It doesn’t want to commit genocide against autistic people, it wants to help us (I’m autistic). It just doesn’t realise how, and its attitude towards autism is overly negative.

People who support Autism Speaks might think that opposing it makes you bigoted against autistic people. That’s not true. Likewise, the sex deniers on this thread think that acknowledging sex makes me bigoted against trans and intersex people. That’s not true.

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We hear you friend. We know what you’re saying. You’re getting a lot of pushback on this subject because some of us fundamentally disagree with your logic. A lot of people are hurt by some of the language you’re using though, so that’s just something to keep in mind. It might not be worth banging our heads against the wall on this one.

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They did not violate the guidelines. Please explain why you think they did.

we responded via direct message