Difference between Cyprinus carpio and (wild) Cyprinus rubrofuscus?

I was wondering, as I’ve noticed the two species are extremely similar. I’ve tried looking online but it only talked about “fin rays”
So, is there any way to distinguish the species from an average look at an individual of each type?

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From what I can find Amur lateral line is 36-40 scales, for common one – 32-41. Then Amur has 18-22 gill rakers when common one has 21-29. In dorsal fin Amur has 4 stiff and 17-20 saft rays, can’t find the data for carpio seprated, but it’s written 3-5 stiff ones and 15-22 soft ones, so likely you need to look for soft ones.


I think this page might be helpful-

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