Different common names on website and app

I noticed yesterday that the common name associated with this observation is different whether I view it on the iNaturalist webpage or on the app. The website gives the American common name European Skipper, while the app gives the name used across the pond: Essex Skipper. Is there a way to avoid this discrepancy between the two platforms?

That’s odd. When I open it on my laptop I do see Essex Skipper.

I did notice one of my own observations behaving strangely. I see ‘Spear Thistle’ in the body of the page, but ‘Bull Thistle’ in the title that shows in the browser tab. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/43978811

edited to add: I guess Corey is in the US and I’m in the UK which might influence what we see.

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Yeah, it’s definitely an issue with US/UK names. Most of the time it’s not an issue, but for species I’m not as familiar with it could be confusing!

It’s odd that you see the UK name in the body, but the US name in the browser tab. I see it the other way around!

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There’s a big issue with common names in the app, it’s set for Russian for me, but I still always get some species which have common names shown with English common names, I guess they all are US names, but never paid enough attention. And it’s weird as on the web nothing like that happens at all.

Are you using the iOS app or Android app?

iOS app

Thanks. Definitely an issue in the iOS app that we’re investigating, I’m sorry it’s affecting you. Now that the iOS app has finally had its underlying code rewritten, it’s something we look into fixing.


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