Diffuser Comparisons - AK Vs. MK Vs. Cygnustech

I am currently looking into getting a diffuser for my camera setup and am between these three diffusers (AK, MK, Cygnustech). From what I can see, they all have a very similar design, but I wanted to see if anyone has opinions about them - ie: differences in quality.

I’ve only tried the AK Diffuser (the other two are not made in the US, I believe, so AK seemed to be the best deal for me, shipping-wise). I really like it so far, and I especially like the ergonomics. It stays pretty stable on my camera, and the light inside the diffuser is so helpful. I no longer have to awkwardly hold a flashlight to illuminate my subject.


  • makes satisfying macro photography so much easier and fun

  • great for small subjects you can get close to

  • included light is a lifesaver

  • pretty easy to pack for my recent trip

  • I like the bottom reflector, it helps even out the lighting

  • Zamir (who makes them) is super nice. I somehow immediately lost the detachable bottom reflector soon after I received my diffuser, and he made me a new one for free, even though I offered to pay for it.


  • not big enough for larger subjects, especially ones you can’t get close to (eg rattlesnakes)

  • I’m not convinced it’ll be great for off-camera flash, as it relies on the lens for stability.

  • I’d like it to be a bit more diffuse, I’ll try adding more levels of diffusion to it

  • might not fit so well if I decide to change body, macro lens, or flash

Examples of photos I’ve taken with the AK Diffuser:


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