Disable option to add an observation field if observer has opted out

Just grey out or disable being able to attempt to add if a user has blocked others contributing them.

It’s annoying to try and add, put it in and then get told via error message it won’t be accepted.

Agee. But there should be some indication of why it’s greyed out. Maybe mouseover or hint text?

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Ditto if they don’t allow others to add their observation to a project.

Seems pretty straightforward (at least as far as logic goes, I’m not sure about the coding side) so I made an issue: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2431

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Looks like this is live now:


Is there any way it can be added to the popup screen that is from the Identify page, it is not displayed there, and even worse trying to add one there just seems to hang the connection, no warning box.


The same should apply to the identify page now


Looking good to me, thanks @pleary! I’m going to close this request.