System text in observation when user disallows adding to projects

When a user does not allow their observations to be added to projects, it would be nice to see that noted upfront.

Similar to when a user has opted out of community ID and there is a iNaturalist generated line of text to inform others.

Also similar to this recent feature, where if users don’t allow observation fields to be filled out there is a line of text informing identifyers:

especially the Opted out of CID. Such an irritating waste of effort when a string of people ID that … and it remains determined at Needs ID … for ever.

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@dianastuder, do you mean the opt-out should show in the identification modal?

Because it’s already shown in the observation in the community ID section under the map:

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I have learned to scroll past if there are already 2 IDs that agree, especially if at least one is someone I trust. And I have learned to check first, why a string of people are trying to convince Needs ID.

We could save our wasted effort if Needs ID was greyed out as Opted Out. Or go ahead with ID knowing that iNat will NEVER be convinced.

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I would not say it will never be convinced, I have certainly seen cases where opt out users change their ID when they realize after multiple community ones they are wrong. But, yes the automatically determined ID will never change.


Ah, ok. :) Well, that’s a separate issue. My “ask” is just for adding text to the observation itself re: user has opted out of having others add their observations to projects (either ones they haven’t subscribed to or at all).

personal settings for projects

iNat staff, I’d just like a text blurb warning, like IDs already had for opt-outs and observation fields just got for opt-outs.




Sorry - shall I delete my comments?

No, it’s fine. :)
It helped me clarify what I was asking for, and prompted some good discussion.

If you really want them greyed out, though, I think you should open a feature request for that.

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Seems to have been implemented:

I don’t see any texts about projects in that screenshot?

Oh, I misread the original request. Well, I guess it’s halfway there… :/

Yeah, the observation field system text was an example for my request (and later a side discussion).