Disagreeing with a withdrawn ID doesn't change it from "Unknown"

Excuse the confusing title…

In this example, the user IDed this observation, and then the ID was withdrawn, so it was showing as “Unknown”. I subsequently added a different ID, which stated (without prompting me) that I was disagreeing with the already withdrawn ID, so it was staying as “Unknown”. Then I added the same ID a second time and it correctly moved the observation to that taxon.

Is that the intended functionality? Not very intuitive.

You only get the prompt if your ID is coarser than the current ID, so you would get one if you added a Poritidae ID. Because you chose a different genus, that is automatically considered a disagreement.

I can’t replicate this. My guess is that it was an indexing glitch. If you can replicate consistently, please let us know.

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With my slow internet, I either trust iNat to make the change.
Or click refresh to force the change to become visible.

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With my slow internet, I first see “…disagrees that this is Unknown”, but once the ID has taken it disagrees with the actual taxon name. So, maybe wait a bit for the DB to catch up?


Possibly part of / same issue as in the post (not the topic title):

Adding IDs to observations with no label (Unknown).


This one is Unknown, but with a placeholder, “oaks”. The ID was withdrawn though.

Adding an ID should not cause any sort of disagreement, but the ID says I’m disagreeing it’s oaks (Quercus):