Disappearing records ?!

I just went on iNat and clicked on my Observations page. There are about 30 observations that I had uploaded with pics, date, location, etc., which are now shows as “no photos or sounds”, “the past”, and “somewhere.” They were all added the same day (May 31). I can confirm that they were present just the other day. I didn’t go in and delete anything.

I’m really, really not happy about that. I’m not interested in spending all this time adding observations here if they’re just going to randomly disappear! What’s the problem?

can you post a link to your account page? In the past there was a bug that sometimes deleted observations when you synced or removed things from the app, i think it was fixed, but just in case not, hopefully if they were lost the devs can recover them

I think this is what you want?

I’m seriously bummed. All I have are a list of IDs, with no pics associated with them. It’s going to be a real pain to figure out which of my moth pics go with which ID.

hmm… this may be a bug. Did you use the Android app? @Tiwane may be able to help but you may be better off emailing help@inaturalist.org for this one. Good luck!

This was on my PC. I regularly use the app on iphone and android to add records.

Hmm…now I am seeing the same records down below those blank records. Possibly they were duplicated somehow, and the second set were stripped of the photos, dates, and location info?? Perhaps all is not lost?

this sounds like things that have happened before, i’d definitely email help. They probably have some better ideas than I will have.

I’m no longer seeing any observations created on May 31st. If it happens again please open a new bug report detailing how you made the observations (web uploader, iOS app, Android app) with some specific URL examples. Thanks!

If it was Android, there’s this open bug report:

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