Discrepancy in observation totals

In this project
there are currently 5570 observations, but in the “Identify” view
it says I have reviewed 2651 out of 3512 observations. Why isn’t that out of 5570? I’m confused.
Also confusing is that it says I have made 4294 identifications in this project.
Can anyone explain?

I think the default identify view only counts “needs ID” observations and so excludes anything that is research grade. You can change this using “filters”.


Thanks. I checked the “research grade” box and it now says I’ve reviewed 4386 out of 5531. That accounts for all but 39 of them…
Oh, and the rest were just “casual.” Got it.


In the event you run out of observations in your leaf miner project, a lot of them are probably hiding in the winged and once winged ID pool and just need to be added. This link sorts to only things in that subclass https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?place_id=97394&taxon_id=184884&lrank=subclass

I’ll be lucky if I get through the remaining ~1000 observations before the new ones start to pour in in the spring, so I probably won’t feel the need to go looking elsewhere, but if anyone comes across leaf mines that aren’t in the project, please add them!


That is fair. I figured I would let you know in the event you run out of observations and want some more. Thanks for all that you do! I still need to get your book, which is on my list.

Welcome to the forum, @jtkindt!

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