Different number of species in Profile vs Explore

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I noticed that this accounts species is not showing even though they have observed 45 species. Any idea why?


Screenshot 2023-04-04 13.57.10
species observed

Screenshot 2023-04-04 13.56.39

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Presumably something to do with counting leaves vs. observations IDed all the way to species.

There are several other similar threads you can find if you search the forum for that link.

This still appears to be a bug. The dichotomy between the species tab (73 species) and the observer tab (45 species) is because the species tab counts leaves whereas the observer tab counts species, so that is acting normally. But the 0 species on the profile is incorrect, and should be showing 45 species. Sometimes it takes a little bit to update but checking the observations shows that some of them are from months ago so it should definitely have updated by now.

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The user has dozens of research-grade obs submitted months ago and IDed to species level. Those should be getting counted in any type of count, surely.


Yeah, that is what I was trying to say. I should have explained it better.

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I changed the topic title to better reflect the issue. I let our developers know about this as well.

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Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Eiji Myorin from Japan.

I am currently suffering from a puzzling phenomenon, but I don’t know if this is a bug or a spec, so I am reporting it just in case.

I uploaded an unregistered species on iNat, but even though I subsequently made a request to add an ID and the ID became registered, it was not reflected in the species count on my profile. However, it is reflected on the Observation Record page. The species counts in my profile and observation records remain different.
I have looked for past topics, but I can’t find any topic that mentions the unregistered ID, and since this could be a new bug, I am reporting this just in case.

Platform:Windows7+Firefox and Windows11+Chrome

P.S. I joined iNat two years ago, but only recently started using it. I am still new to iNat, have no experience with the forums, and my basic language is Japanese, so I apologize if there are any errors in usage.

Best Regards.

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Welcome to the forum!

I merged your bug report with an existing one that I think has the same cause.

Before Lifelists were changed, the species number on your Profile page and the species number on the Explore page were calculated differently and often didn’t match. But since the new Lifelist feature was added a few years ago, I think the number on the profile page is supposed to match your Leaf count (explanation of leaf count vs species count here, please ignore the old information on Life Lists).

In your case, the leaf count and species count are actually the same (currently 105), so I agree the Profile page should show 105.
I’m not really sure why it would only show 99. You said when you added an ID for a species that was new to iNat, the number didn’t go up? As an example, you mean something like this, right?

If that’s correct, then I think the suggestion for steps to reproduce the bug are:

  • upload an observation and ID to genus
  • create new taxon for a species in that genus
  • add an ID for the new species

I’m not totally convinced that will work every time because there are at least 8 observations that required new species to be made, but the difference is only 6 (Profile says 99, Explore says 105).

I appreciate your correspondence.

Thank you for integrating the topic. I did not know it was correct to use it that way. I had looked at this topic beforehand and did not see any mention of the request for additional IDs, so I created a topic that I thought would be a more detailed bug report. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, I would expect problems in cases like that screenshot.
According to my experience in operating the system, I have noticed that in many cases, after registering an unregistered ID species in iNat with only the genus name, and after the ID is registered by an ID add request, the ID count in the profile is not increased when the new ID is assigned to the previously mentioned data, so I expect that this ID add system has a bug I expect that there is a bug in this ID addition system. The observation records are reflected, so there must simply be an omission in the process to reflect this in the profile counts.

However, since I did not recognize this bug well at the beginning, I had to delete and re-register the registration data, register by placeholder name instead of by genus name, and some other operational differences occurred, and as a result, I honestly do not know exactly how many differences the six differences are.

In any case, my expectation is that the problem will be resolved once the programmer looks back at the processing code for the ID addition system to make sure that the process of applying the ID count to the profile is working correctly.

I just confirmed that the bug has been fixed.
Thanks to the programmer.
Thank you all very much.

Best Regards.

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