Display 3 buttons to add an observation instead of an avatar and "nnnn observations" text

change the behaviour a bit to a “(observeer?) Tab” and replace icon/avatar (is that necassary) with three buttons

  • no photo just observation

  • Camera

  • Gallery

a bit like this which saves one “click” and one has direct acces to the three options. The avatar, icon and number of observations may disappear as they are alrey present in Statistics. Further the Username is already present above.

I thought there already was a post with this kind of feature, proposal but it disapeard of i am not good at searching in this forum which i still do not fully understand. It works different than the forum i used to know. far too much options.
In my current iNat iPhone version 3.06 those three options always disappear which is totally unessary. Just make a fixed position somewhere so you can always touch them.
The other apps I know also have a fixed Tab which is dedicated for “Input/Observe” only.

A bit like this, but you can remove some parts of the “Observe” parts

This a bit better with the fixed buttons which are attached to the canvas.