Display a confirmation message after clicking "Can the Community ID still be confirmed or improved?" in the DQA

I am finding more and more new users who interpret clicking this box, especially the Yes option as being needed when they enter their observations. Which of course means unless spotted, the record wont get to research grade.

After clicking ‘Yes the ID still can be improved’, display a confirmation saying something like ‘This option is meant for cases where you believe the ID from the community is incorrect.’ or something that clarifies it does not mean ‘yes, I still need help knowing what this is’

I am not sure about that exact wording. Sometimes i check it when i just want further input, or where i ‘agree’ with an observation but am not sure if the initial observer is correct (i started sometimes doing this again because the admins have allowed at least one person to delete IDs and i don’t want to lose that information from my observations)

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