Why isn't this observation at RG yet?

This observation is still at needs ID:

The user has not opted out. The date, location, and picture are present. The only DQA issue I see is that the observer had at some point marked that the community taxon could be improved…but it’s already at species with no disagreement. Unless the system is waiting for a subspecies ID, it can’t really go any further.

I think it was the DQA question: “Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?” There was a “Yes” vote but now there are two “No” votes which flipped it to Research Grade.

Yes, I mentioned that.
I’m reporting it because I still think it’s a bug.

The community ID was at species, but the DQA has one vote that it could be improved…if that is DQA working as expected, then what behavior would be improving the community ID?
Going from species to subspecies? More Identifiers?

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Don’t know if it’s buggy or not. It’s not a feature I use but seem to recall similar situations to this one.

That’s pretty much correct. The wording is confusing and people use it for different things, but the box is basically designed to make it possible to put observations back into Needs ID for whatever reason. It was working as intended in your example.


Ah, that explains it!

I’ve only ever thought of it in relation to the “No” vote, for when the observation couldn’t go finer based on the evidence.

So I thought the “yes” was just there to counter/overturn “no” votes.

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