Display ssp./var. in the taxon name on taxon pages of mobile apps

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Description of need: Variety or subspecies annotation on species profiles on the mobile app.
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Feature request details: To be able to see the annotations ‘ssp.’ or ‘var.’ on species profiles on the mobile app. I toggled my app so the scientific name is preferred, so this is important when I am not aware if its a subspecies or a variety. When viewing on my Google Pixel, it just goes, for instance, 'Salix humilis tristis. If one is unaware of the name of the subspecies or variety, they will then have to search it up on Google or use the website.

From left to right, the first one is how it is now, and the other two are my ideas.

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I approved this request because it’s likely a simple change, but it would be low priority because we plan to display these in the new mobile app.


Is it possible to correct « ssp. » to « subsp. » ?

I too think ‘subsp.’ would be more appropriate; spp. and ssp. can be confusing.