Find taxa when you type ranks like subsp., var., etc

This is an issue old as time iNat. Throughout the search boxes on the site, typing the typical abbreviations for subspecies, varieties, and form prevent a successful search. Common joiners are: subsp., ssp., var., f., fo., and forma.

Hoping iNat can be a bit more plant and fungi literate.

A search for “Silphium integrifolium laeve” finds me what I’m looking for.

But “Silphium integrifolium var. laeve” gets me zip.

Edit to add, I think it should also handle situations where you’re typing the entire rank, e.g. for “complex” either ignore the word complex in the search query like the examples above…or only show the complex (vs. the species in this situation). Showing nothing is nonideal.

I agree, and it would prevent the odd behaviour that if you copy an iNat subsp name directly from the taxon page such as: and paste it (“Silphium integrifolium var. laeve”) into an ID box it gets no results, you have to then go and delete the var.


Oh, this is a great one!
There’s another issue with that: when searching external name providers - getting rid of var./subsp. wording doesn’t help at all. Maximum you can do is to search for species and if system finds one - add a flag for var./subsp.

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Maybe it could be as simple as getting searches to ignore rank designators like ssp., subsp., var., etc., in search strings. That way one could include them or not and still get the same search results.


Same here.

(And also, when adding scientific name for Foo bar var. baz, should we prefer Foo bar var. baz or Foo bar baz ?)

update: it seems when one adds Foo bar var. baz, iNat automatically use Foo bar baz as the scientific name. I think this can also be improved.

Is there a way to make iNat find

Genus Psoralea

I have a workaround - choose something from the list which includes Psoralea in the name. Delete the unwanted bit. And I get genus Psoralea.