Displaying two places on the map of a traditional project

I’m creating a project for an ID-a-thon that covers two large places. I can’t figure out how to add both places to the project without creating a new Place, which I’d rather not do since the two Places are already quite large and creating a new one will place an unnecessary burden on iNat’s servers, I think.

I’m not talking about adding a rule that says observations must be in Place A or Place B, since this is an ID-a-thon, not a bio-blitz. I found an older forum topic that seems to cover rules: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/multiple-location-rules-on-traditional-projects/36160 but the solution proposed in that thread doesn’t seem to cover my situation. Thanks for your help!

I’m not clear on what the problem is - maybe I’m being dense or missing something. What is different about the project for the ID-a-thon that makes the solution in the thread you cited not applicable?

Well, the solution from the old thread works just fine for observations that are added to the project, but having just added new rules that say observations must be from Place A or Place B, that doesn’t change the map of the project displayed on the project’s home page, which only shows one of the places. So, I guess what I’m really asking is how do I show two places on the home page map?

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I don’t think it’s possible, but you could just use the latitude/longitude and zoom levels instead of a place boundary since your project title (2024 New England and New York Plants ID-a-thon) is pretty clear?


I should try that - thanks so much!

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I think it is possible. I created a traditional project with 2 locations a few years ago.
See here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biocampus-campus-de-lavalette-et-baillarguet-montpellier. Probably it is always possible. I used the google earth tool to draw the locations but you may so well import the map with a kml file.

Your project only includes one iNaturalist place. Your place is composed of 2 polygons/parts.

Lynn wanted to visually display the borders of two iNaturalist places without combining them in Google Earth or elsewhere.

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