How to add two places to Traditional Project

Theoretically say I wanted a traditional project to cover Australia and New Zealand. I can’t figure out how to add more than one place. Is the only solution to create a new place that encompasses both places?

Creating a place that large shouldn’t be possible. With traditional projects, this setting:

is mainly for the map display on the project page. It shouldn’t limit which observations can be added to a project. For that you would use the “Must be in place X” rules under Observation rules. Once the observations are added to the project, the main project page should zoom to show the observation’s projects. I just made this test project and added two test observations to it:

You won’t have fancy orange borders around the places, alas.

Here are the settings:


Perfect Tony, you’re a legend :) I completely ignored the observation rules part.

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No worries, it’s confusing! May I delete that project and the observations?

yes definitely :)

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