DIY (3D printer) microscope objective lens to DSLR mount adapter

Came across this one today:

Has anyone ever tried shooting with something like this? I understand that the DOF would be incredibly thin, but still – it looks like a fun (and cheap) thing to try.

If you haven’t clicked on the link, it also includes a ‘field test’ video which is fun to watch.

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I haven’t used this setup, but have used a similar commercially-made lens (Mikaton 4-4.5x) fairly extensively for field botany photography. Even with an adjustable aperture on the Mikaton DOF is thin, but it’s usable even for handheld field macro pictures.

1st and 2nd images are with Mikaton at 4x:

I haven’t tried it yet but I did see it on Micael Widell’s YouTube channel and I’m currently trying to find someone local who can print it for me. It definitely seems like it could be fun to use in the field for photographing things like ants and springtails. It might be even more useful if one wanted to have an inexpensive home studio setup for photographing small specimens.

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