Mobile phone adapter to attach to a stereo microscope

Anyone found a decent adapter that isn’t cumbersome to mount on a microscope? I see a lot of complaints that it’s hard to line up the phone camera up with the microscope eye piece–maybe somebody has foud one that works? Saw one on Amscope, but with similar complaints:

This would be for student lab purposes looking at magnified insects, plants etc. I found a compound stereo microscope that I like, but ideally students could take a picture of what they see under the microscope with their phone camera and post it to iNat. Thanks!

FWIW Discourse’s spam filter flagged this as spam, but I corrected it. I know nothing about microscopes, but I’m sure others here do.

I do not really know what you want
Can not find his software and equipment

It is popular under Sieralgen Desmids people i think

I haven’t found an eyepiece phone adapter that works satisfactorily. Something like the Bresser MikrOcular is an affordable option that slots into the eyepiece barrel (an adapter may be required depending on the eyepiece barrel size) - grab the images onto a laptop or tablet then Bluetooth to whoever wants them.

here’s a random page from the web that seems to do a good job of covering some of the key points to be aware of when looking for an adapter and also reviews one particular adapter:

Have you taken a look at the Journey to the Microcosmos Microscope? They are explicitly designed to be used with phones to capture video, and to be beginner-friendly. Plus, the profits go to support educational content!

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