Do flagged comments inside of flags get recorded as flags?

Hopefully that ia not too meta a question.

The 3rd comment inside this flag is itself flagged.

However, if you search the flags page as in here it does not appear.

Just to validate, the flag actually is there, but for some reason it has been autoflagged by the iNat account itself.

I have no idea why the inat account has autoflagged this however.

Probably because they have 0 research grade observations (so their account hasn’t been through that step of the anti-spam process) and their comment included a “link” (mailto:help@ inat email).

Since it looks like flagged flag comments are recorded as flags, OK to close this?

Yes, the commenter hasn’t been flagged a spammer or not spammer, so I think the system flagged their comment. I can take a look tomorrow.