Does anyone know when or why crows make this sound?

I just heard a crow making this sound out my window:

I have never heard a crow make this sound before! Does anyone know in what circumstances crows would make this sound? I’m really curious to learn more about it.



Ratchet noises are made by juveniles usually with parent nearby. They seem to be asking to be fed from what I’ve watched out the kitchen window.


Ahh, that is so cool! Thank you!

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Funny coincidence, I actually heard a crow making this sound for the first time today, too! It’s such an odd sound and I didn’t see the crow at first, so I had no clue what it was for a bit.


Oh that is funny! Cool that we both heard this for the first time yesterday!

Crow question:
I had a baby crow in the yard not able to fly yet. Adult crows overhead, angry. I was worried the cat would get it. I picked up the crow and walked it 75-100 yards to the park. I made the mistake of putting it some low bushes and not in the open so the adults would see it and know it was there. I fear they may not know where it went. They followed me home, angry. Question: do you think they will figure it out? Thanks.

They for sure will, they saw where you put it and young crows will answer adults’ calls, don’t worry about it!

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