Ravens Dropping Things On People?

Hi! I’m new here, honestly just wanted to talk about this weird interaction I had with a raven today.

Just as I was walking under a large tree, something fell and hit the ground directly next to me on the side walk. I expected it to be a stick, but it was the bone of some small animal. Looked up and a raven was perched right above looking down at me. I jokingly told it “well that was kind of rude” then we just stared at each other for a minute before I decided to leave so it could get the bone back.

Any other bird, I’d assume it was a coincidence, but given how intelligent they are, it’s hard not to feel a bit targeted lol

Anyone else experienced this or know what that’S about?


since you don’t seem to have had a pre-existing relationship with the raven, i assume the bone hitting you was just coincidence. but then again, maybe it wanted to give you a gift? or maybe it wanted to play with you? or maybe you startled the raven as you walked past the tree? did you see the raven go get the bone again after you left?

i’ve seen gulls play games where they pick up a fish, fly a short distance, and drop it for another to gull pick up, and i’ve seen cases where other birds intrude into the game and take the fish away. the gulls look at the other bird as if to say that other bird doesn’t play the game right.


That would be very cute of it! I did wait a bit after I spoke to it to see if it wanted to interact in any way but it just kept staring. Didn’t retrieve the bone while I was watching, but I figured it just didn’t want to come down while I was there staring at it. I do sometimes talk to the ravens when I pass by that area (ignore the weird looks) so maybe (???) it recognized me? But probably not, there are so many in the area chances are it’s never seen me. I did wish I had something on my to leave for it just to see if that was something but too bad.


ok. so you do have a pre-existing relationship with them then. if that’s the case, and especially if you’ve left them some food in the past, then i’d bet that that raven was in fact trying to give you a gift. they remember people that they like, and have been known to bring little trinkets to people they like.


I guess that could count? There are a bunch of them around here, so I figured the chances of this one being one I’ve seen before was low but maybe not. I usually just say hello and move to give them space on the sidewalk without disturbing them, so no gifts from my end.

If that IS the case now I feel bad for ignoring it :(

i think they watch and learn from each other. so if one raven likes you, chances are others in the area will like you, too.

i don’t think birds get discouraged that easily. if it was really trying to give you a gift, maybe next time it’ll bring something different.

here’s a nice story about a girl who collects the things that her crow friends bring her: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-31604026.


I have seen a few species of corvids drop twigs, pinecones, etc. near people who were under their trees, particularly during the breeding season. I’ve also seen at least two species of corvids drop nuts on the ground near people, apparently in the hope that the nuts would be stepped on and broken open. I’ve several times obliged and stomped on the nuts, and crows will wait until a walk a short distance away and then fly down and pick out the edible bits. I would not be at all surprised if this raven drops more objects in your general direction.


That story is really touching :)

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