Does iNat do hybrids that only have a genus?

My example is genus Callithrix. There are three-species hybrid zones where sometimes you have to leave an observation at genus because the photos are too poor, and sometimes it’s clear that the individual is definitely a hybrid, but it’s not clear exactly what the mix is. I would like to be able to mark Callithrix hybrid to distinguish the second type of observation from Callithrix genus (not enough detail to determine further).
Can I make a taxon with the scientific name Callithrix × and the common name Callithrix hybrid? Or is that not ok? Should I just ID to Callithrix and use an observation field?

It sounds like what you want is a spuh. Am I’m obtaining the information correctly that you want Calithtrix sp. hybrid?

From what I know adding these spuhs will make the taxonomic tree more complex and I’m not sure who said it but the tree most be “as clean as possible”. I can experience this frustration as well. Such as I know what I’m looking at a Canada/Cackling Goose × Snow/Ross’s Goose hybrid but I’m not sure what species are actually the parents. At least they’re in different genera though so I at least have that. But I don’t believe you can do the same for an unknown Anas hybrid and it must be left at genus.

The discussion of “holding bin” observation fields in this topic might be of interest to you.

No, but there’s a discussion about this (and cultivars, which are often unidentifiable hybrids) here

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In theory, would this not do what I’m looking for?

Basically, I’m wondering if the system is incapable of handling this type of taxon, or if we just have a mutual understanding that we shouldn’t use it like that?

Pretty sure it would just “work” and treat it like any other hybrid, but I would think there’d need to be staff approval / a sitewide policy before making a fake / bin taxon like that.


Would a feature request be appropriate even though it doesn’t involve any code change? Or just a general discussion?

I think just a general discussion here in #curators, initially seeded with a few laid out examples, pros, and cons would be fine instead of a feature request. It could turn into a feature request if there should be some sort of standardized format or rank for these.

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Closing this topic since the discussion has shifted to here: