What are some good books for identifying isopods?

I have been looking for books or articles that help with isopod identification.

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What type of isopods are you looking for? Terrestrial, freshwater, marine? Any specific geographic area in mind?

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A quick Google search (isopod identification) turned up this:

https://zookeys.pensoft.net/article/24146/ (For Maryland which is adjacent to Virginia)

and others.

Try https://bugguide.net/node/view/14/bgref The Wayback Machine should help with some of the broken links.

One from the bugguide list:

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Mainly Terrestrial Isopods but I am interested in the whole order and no particular area.

Thank you this is helpful.

I recommend the BugGuide list too. In North America, especially the northern half of the continent, there’s very few terrestrial isopod species. Most of them are introduced and easily IDable. I learned most of my local (South Ontario) isopods by just comparing them to other iNat obs and BugGuide photos. It only gets challenging with odd individuals or uncommon species

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For British: Invertebrate types: woodlice by S. Sutton. But out of print and rather expensive.

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I forgot there is a more up-to-date id guide for Britain, by S. Hopkin, and still available.


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