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Hello. I misplaced some of my photos, but they are posted on my iNat account. I can’t find them on my hard drive. How do I download my own photos?

One at a time, the site offers no bulk download photo tools, as a means to prevent the site being used as a photo backup service.

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how many photos are you trying to download?

less than five…I can do it one at a time.

How do I do this…I tried.

Isn’t this a new utility for bulk downloading photos from iNat?

Is there not a simpler way to do this?..I do not know code very well. I only need to download a few of my own photos.

I cannot seem to get a photo from the iOS app (other than a screenshot). But using the
website (via iPhone) I can, e.g.

Click the “i” under the photo to go to the Info Page

Click the link for original photo in the right column

Click photo to Open Save options.

Well, that seems to work for me, anyway.

Every platform is likely different, tho

yes and no, but this case, only 5 photos need to be downloaded. so the fastest thing to do is:

  1. go to the observation detail page for each photo that has photos that you want
  2. for each photo in the observation, find the button at the bottom of the image that looks like the letter “I” with a circle around it, and click on it.
  3. you will now be at the photo detail screen. by default, you will see a medium sized image. to get the largest photo available, click on “original” in the size section to the right of the photo.
  4. now you should be on a page that contains the largest version of the photo. right click on the photo, and select save. pick a folder you want to save it to, and modify the name of the file, as desired.

note that the “original” photo will not be the actual original photo. it will not have all the original EXIF data embedded in the photo, and the maximum size image that iNaturalist stores is 2048px along the maximum dimension.



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Thank you…jinx?

okay…it’d better than nothing…until I find my originals!!!

:crazy_face: Jinx is a kids’ game. If two people say the same thing at the same time; which ever one says “jinx!” fastest “wins” (in my area, is owed a cola from the other one.)

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Another way: right-click on the photo, choose “copy image.” Then open your photo editing software and paste the image.

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