Downloading to spreadsheet with multiple image paths

there have been various suggestions to provide a way to export to the photo URLs, but so far, no new official functionality has been added to the system to do this (that i’m aware of). however you can get the information from the API, and this discussion ( touches on a page that i made to help present the information from the API in a more digestible format (ex.

it should be noted that you have more than 10,000 observations, and API responses are limited to the first 10,000 records for a given set of parameters. so if you want to get all your observations, you need to break up the requests by date ranges, observation id ranges, or something like that.

you can just modify the name of the file to reflect the resolution that you want. see

if you just need the URLs, then the notes above should get you there (or at least closer). if you to download the actual image files yourself, you can take a look at