Drawing polygons

Hi All,

I’m curious if iNat has a function that allows users to draw polygons on the map and then limit observations to whatever is in that polygon. The reason I am asking is because I want to create a project that focuses on documenting fungi that occur in the same habitats as the Gray Pine (Pinus sabinianaI). The Gray Pine has sort of this horse-shoe-esque distribution pattern in the foothills around the Central Valley in California.

So, does anyone know how to create polygons?


  1. create a new place: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/new.
  2. filter your observations by that place.

Or create project for that place, it’s much faster and easier to use if you want to deal with only what’s already observed.

There is a polygon tool on the place creation page that @pisum mentioned earlier.

You can also import a KML polygon that you create on Google Earth. I have done this for complex shapes where I had an image of the shape I wanted. I used that image and overlaid it on Google Earth and then made it transparent to make sure it conformed to the lay of the land. Once I had pinned that into place, the transparency allowed me to trace and exclude a couple of landmarks that I could see on Google Earth and did not want to include. Once I had saved the polygon, I was able to export it for use in the place creation page.

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