Can one use iNat to create a place using the terrain view?

I’d like to create some valley places at the high elevations of San Jacinto Mountain, using ridgelines as boundaries of valleys. But it is very difficult to see the ridgelines in forested areas in the satellite imagery used in the “create place” in iNat. It would be a cinch if I could use the terrain view which is the view used on the “explore” page. Is there a way to do that in iNat?

The KML option of creating a place in Google Earth has the same problem; I would need to import the topo map into Google Earth for each area.


I’ve used this website to produce KML files for iNat places, and it allows you to check the “terrain” feature if you mouse over “Map”. Very easy click-by-click UI.

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Thank you, @er1kksen !! That worked perfectly.


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