Duplicate, blank photos created in Google Photos on Pixel

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Hey everyone, I’m on a Google Pixel 4 but I also use my Pixel 2 to upload pictures while I’m out tramping. Whenever I create an observation iNat creates a blank image in my Google Photos. How could I stop this? It’s tedious to go back and delete them.


I use a Pixel 3 and have never experienced this. Can you share some more details like the iNat app version and screenshots?

I had that happen with my previous Android phone (which had several other issues) 2 years back.

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These are just blank images after I uploaded to iNat


It happens with both my Pixels and they’re fine

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here - which phone are you using, what are you tapping to create an observation, etc. Can you please provide a set of steps we can follow to try and replicate this? Knowing the app version number would also be helpful, as would log files from the app after you make an observation.

To send log files, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

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It happens on both my Google Pixel 2 and 4.

What I do is: 1) tap the iNat app to open it; 2) hit the green plus button to add an observation; 3) upload images; 4) try to make an ID; 5) upload. For every observation, one grey image is made.

The app version is 1.18.5 (411).

I’ll try to send the log files next time I upload.


What email address should I use for the email?

Sorry! help@inaturalist.org please.

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I have seen this and other problems with the app on my Pixel 2 XL. This is the least of my problems. My app adds photos from old observations to my new observations…


I’m sorry about that bug, we’re working on a fix for it.

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We’re working on a fix for this, hope to have it out soon.

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This, once again, is almost certainly a problem relating to the way iNaturalist interacts with Google Photos.

All Pixel photos are deeply associated with the Google Photos ecosystem. Google Photos represents the primary ‘gallery’ application on Pixel phones.