Duplicate DQA downvotes from same user & observation (recent evidence)

Name, pfp, and actual URLs of observations obscured for privacy reasons. These have been provided separately to the developers.



URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:


Screenshots of what you are seeing:


Description of problem:

Follow the supplied observation links and scroll to the bottom to look at the DQA section. Then click the number beside each thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon to see a tooltip popup summarizing who voted with mini profile pic & login id of each user. Observe that while the upvotes for “Recent evidence of an organism” are all from different users, the downvotes for that are all the same person, who somehow is able to vote multiple times.

Now, the fact that they are using “Recent evidence of an organism” incorrectly, and doing this en masse on a number of observations across this one taxon is a big problem all on its own. The first one linked above for which I showed a screenshot is the worst of them, with 4 votes from the same user.

This is causing a considerable amount of work for #work-party on iNaturalist Discord to try to help clean up.

When I noticed the issue there, I tried by various means using a web browser with either two windows open from the same browser, or from different browsers (to try to ensure they don’t share the same session), I could not reproduce the issue by clicking on a DQA field in rapid succession in 2 different windows. Therefore, I don’t think they’re doing that. Either it is scripted somehow, or else a bug affecting them in particular, and not me.


Hope we get a good solution for this problem.