Multiple observations of same specimen

Today when going through my cicada IDs, several people had 2-3 observations of the same specimen, rather than combining the multiple photos into one observation. Maybe it’s just a fluke, but I wonder if there’s something new in the interface that’s causing this to happen. I haven’t seen it too much before. Anyone else seeing this?

You mean one person having 3 photos in separate observations? Nope, nothing new then, there’re thousands of thousands of duplicates.
If you mean separate users post the same specimen, then it’s just ok.


The first option you list. Yes, I know it happened before, but just seems much more frequent today.

It may be a school or student project going on, or something else that’s resulting in many new inexperienced users.

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I’m marking this as solved given, as @fffffffff explained, this is unrelated to any iNat functionality/the interface, and is driven by something external

How do you know it’s not related to some change in the interface that might make this more likely to happen?

which interface? the web? the iOS app? the Android app? Seek?

But nothing changed in upload interface, people just don’t know they can and/or should post photos together.

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If it’s clear nothing has changed in any of the upload interfaces that would resolve things. To clarify, the whole point of my post is the increased frequency of this happening. Not that it’s something new. I’m aware of how this could have always happened by notice users.

I will look into this if it continues.

It could be more often for the group you look in, but it’s something we see each day in great numbers, you say you saw several people, sorry, it just doesn’t sound like a lot of people, please tell if it’s not so, but that doesn’t sound as a separate problem from the regular one, if you look up who are those people and which projects these observations are in you’d likely to find out the cause of it.

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I think it could be Seek.

When it gets to the specimen id page, whatever the result, there’s an option to upload to inaturalist. But you can only upload one photo at a time, so if you take another photo and send it to inat it becomes a new observation. And I think a lot of people who’ve gotten an inat account through Seek haven’t actually logged into inat and so don’t know how it works (I didn’t log in for some weeks in the beginning), and so never know these duplications happen


yes, this is why i think it is important to identify the source interface for the perceived problem.

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