Duplicate observation of another user

I think it would be useful to be able to duplicate another persons observation in the case where multiple species are observed in an observation. I think there is benefit of doing this over asking them to duplicate it. The other user would be the “observer” of the duplicate and own in as if they duplicated it themselves. I see this as little different than providing IDs for the other person. The reason I suggest this is that there are multi-species observations with the secondary species that would be quite valuable to have as observations, but the observer may be no longer active or don’t have the time or energy to duplicate themselves.

I understand the issue, Dan, and it has been discussed quite a bit here and on our past Google Group. But we consider observations to belong to the observer, and we won’t allow other users to alter or duplicate them, just vote on various data quality attributes, so this is not something we will move forward with.

We plan on adding, hopefully sooner rather than later, merge and split functions for the website that will make it easier for the observer to split up observations like this.


I wonder whether, with a draft mode in place, it might be worthwhile to allow other users to create draft duplicates that only the observer could see? He or she could then decide to keep or scrap the draft obs. (Not that this would help in the case of fled users.) Just an off-the-cuff thought . . .


maybe an option to let other user duplicate with permission our observations?

No, we would like this to be handled by the observers themselves. I’m going to close this request.

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