Easier to search for common conflicting IDs

There are quite a few species that I often see misidentified in a certain way and the first person who corrects it bumps the ID up to a higher taxa level. For example, indian strawberry is often IDed first as wild strawberry (genus fragaria) or rose leaf bramble (genus rubus). When someone corrects it to indian strawberry (genus potentilla), the observation ID goes to the common family taxon (Rosaceae). At this stage the ID often languishes.

If I want to find observations where indian strawberries were categorized as Rosaceae, my best bet is to do a search under Rosaceae with taxon rank restricted to the family level, but this results in hundreds of pages of results, most of which are not what I am looking for. If I could add a search term for what IDs have been suggested, I could sort through the long list much quicker, and resolve a bunch of the IDs to research grade (or at least move it one ID closer since there needs to be 3 IDs of indian strawberry before it overrides the original fragaria ID).

Example observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/24318927

It’s not in the user interface, but here’s an easier way to ID Rosaceae that have at least one ID of Potentilla indica, using the ident_taxon_id search filter.


After you posted this tip the other day, I was readily able to go through some hard to find flower records that were stuck at Magnoliopsida and add some weight to the right thing. Thanks!

Ohhh! So the feature exists, you just have to know the right parts to add to the URL instead of using the filter options. I need to manually entered “ident_taxon_id=xxxx” into the URL? Is the order of search terms (separated by the ampersand) important? Its a bit like coding, but coding is not a strength of mine.

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Yes exactly. More information about some of these hidden search options here:

Nope. Sometimes they rearrange themselves but I’ve never noticed any issues based on order of the search terms in the URL.


Thanks! This will be really useful in the future :D

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