Filter observations by specific ID

Inspired by graysquirrel’s post, because I’ve wondered the same thing and it appears to not really be possible.

It would be great to have this ability for correcting IDs on species that frequently get mis-identified. You can search for either of the species involved and ID, but that only works when there’s just the wrong ID. Once there’s an ID that disagrees, the Community ID could go up to a high level like dicots.

Two examples: most thistles get confused for Cirsium vulgare, and Rubus ursinus with Toxicodendron diversilobum.

To help ID the thistles, I can search for Cardueae and set the rank filter for between tribe and subtribe – easy enough. But for blackberry & PO, the community ID would be Magnoliopsida until 3 people have corrected it, and 99+% of the observations under Magnoliopsida are not this mis-ID.

Definitely support this request, would add a vote if I had any left! EDIT - got more votes, used one!

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We just added this URL param, is this something that would work for you?

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Unless I’m missing something, I’m thinking that the new ident_taxon_id parameter has already addressed this need.

EDIT: Ha! Now I see that’s exactly what you were pointing to also. I saw “?u=tiwane” in your link and thought that was some kind of new parameter.

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To address your examples, here’s how to use the new URL parameter to find:

Closing so folks can get their votes back!

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