Ecological restoration and management

Hi, I have created a project called “Jamison Creek Catchment Priority Weed Survey”. I work for blue mountains council in nsw australia. Currently this is a collection project and has successfully engaged almost 30 users with almost 100 observations. I love iNat as its a zero cost tool. The main use of the project currently is for engagement and surveillance. These roles cannot be underestimated.

Some of the projects users are actively involved in local ecological restoration, so it would be great if I could make the project a bit more tangible by providing recognition of work completed and allow users to provide more details which will allow me to filter observations.

For example, if a weed has been treated it would be great to be able to record this. I looked this option up but see this might not be possible for collection projects.

Secondly, can I make the user state whether an observation is of a “mature” plant or an immature plant?

Also can I allow the user to record what is around the observation i.e.
-is the observation in a disturbed area or native dominated bushland
-distance from road, house or other development (using categories)
-size area (sq.m) of infestation (using categories)
-height of plant (using categories)
-land tenure: is observation on private land, council land, national park or other.

Thanks James


You can record that info in tags or notes.


All of these sound like things you could easily create observation fields for. Collection projects can’t require observation fields in the same way that a traditional project can. So you either need to make it a traditional project or communicate to your observers which observation fields they should use. Either is going to require a little more active participation from the observers.


Thanks for your replies. Looking forward to investigating options for observation Fields when im back at work. Ive used the notes to record treated weeds. Can I add tags from the app on both android and iOS? :)

I do not see a way to add fields or tags in the iOS app, although I know it is easy to do in the web app.

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