Adding Observations to our ecology project? Help

Hi, I’ve just started using inaturalist as I’m involved in the creation of a wildlife reserve in South East Sheffield, United Kingdom and we have set up a project so that members of the local community can add their observations to it. However when I try and add observations to the the project by typing in the projects box labelled add to the project it remains red. I’d be very grateful if somebody could give some advice on how to successfully add observations (by myself and others) to the project?

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Hi Patrick! Can you link to the project you’re referring to? If it’s a collection project, this should cover the issue you’re running into:

Why can’t I add my observation to this project?

If you’re unable to add an observation to a project, it is likely a “collection” type project, which is essentially just a filtered search on all observations. Observations are never “in” a collection project; they either meet the project’s requirements and are automatically displayed when the project page is loaded, or they don’t.

You cannot add or delete individual observations from a collection project. However, note that you can always edit the project to tweak its settings. Because a collection project is a just saved observations search, there is no way for you to exclude specific observations from appearing on a collection project’s page. Please see the Managing Projects page for more information.

Hi, many thanks for your quick reply. We are just getting going on the project and my colleague who set it up cannot seem to add the observations to the project he has made and I can’t figure it out either, as you say it might be set up to be a collection project. Here is the project page:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Here are the project requirements:


It’s currently set up to only include observations if they meet all of these criteria:

  • observed in the UK
  • observed by user @philjackson
  • is Needs ID or Research Grade
  • has a photo
  • the Life Stage annotation is filled out

All observations that meet those criteria will automatically be included in the project and there is no need to attempt to manually add them.

It looks like, for your purposes, the project admin may need to adjust the location, remove the user requirement, and remove the Life Stage annotation requirement.


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