Edited GPS moving Pin way offshore

I have experienced this a few times in last few days: Editing a previously almost acceptable Location to move the observation eg 10-20 metres away, either in Bulk Edit or as a single observation, results in the Observation showing the wanted co-ords but the pin moving hundreds of miles away, and the Obs thus no longer appearing in any Collection Project.
eg https://inaturalist.nz/observations/27309923
using coordinates copied from other observations that have the GPS I want, eg this one:

I have tried several decimal points and Accuracy values. The accuracy of 7m works for another obs with these co-ordinates.

are you sure you edited the location correctly? the one that’s in the ocean has a lat of -32.795015, while the other has a lat of -36.795015.

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aHA!!! Thanks! And it has now sailed home to its proper place n the forest…I must have had a spate of this aberrant human behaviour