Observations at wrong location on Explore

I have the same issue (or at least a similar-seeming issue) with Firefox. At first I thought it was an issue with my phone’s location system, but it is also an issue with some DSLR images for which I input the locations manually. The pin is in the correct location on the map for the individual observation but is wrong on the Your Observations page.

Some are off by a couple of hundred metres and a couple are off by several kilometres.

EDITED TO ADD: I only posted this because I thought it might help clarify the problem articulated by the OP in the topic from which this has been split. I’ve always thought that the wandering pins were just a manifestation of weirdness that can occur at the intersection of browser optimization, GIS constraints, satellite image resolution and karma.

Have you checked whether the observations are auto-obscured, as I described above?

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As far as I know they are not. We have a widespread interruption in internet service around here right now (since yesterday afternoon) so I can’t check until it’s restored.

@melodi_96 @kitbeard The largest discrepancy turns out to be considered at risk, so that makes sense. None of the others, including some that are off by a few hundred metres are obscured. It is also odd in that they seem to move on the overview map over time. The out of place obs usually don’t appear to be out of place at first.

I’ve just taken to treating the overview mapping as approximate and the observation mapping as real.

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please provide specific observations as examples. without knowing where to start looking, it’s hard to do more than guess what may be going on.

Yeah, I didn’t ever mean for this post to be its own topic. I was just providing some comment that I thought might be useful in another topic and somebody decided to make it it’s own topic. Feel free to close this one.

if you can, please just mark one of the posts in this thread as the solution. otherwise, we’ll need to bother a moderator to close the thread.

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