Editing (cropping, exposure adjust) strips photo geotag metadata during uploading observation

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Step 1: Photos taken with geotag attached

Step 2: Resulting photo edited - cropped, exposure agjusted to decrease file size and improve image - in Windows Photo program and modified image saved (not as copy, as original)

Step 3: Photo uploaded to iNat as an observation, but the geotag is missing and the location has to be found manually and not as precisely

Does the image edited with Photos still display a location in its metadata?

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Sounds like this: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/android-app-observations-dont-have-location-if-the-photo-is-edited-prior-to-upload/17408

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Or this:

I’ve been using Irfanview to crop my photos since this started happening.

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XnView is another good lightweight freeware photo editor. It also allows you to add IPTC captions to JPG files.

This is intentional in most photo-editing software. Most of them remove all the metadata (location, camera settings, date and time, etc) by default. Some more advanced applications have a setting allowing you to keep metadata in derivative files. If you do your cropping and adjusting in the iNat app itself then the metadata should all be retained.

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I agree this is likely the same issue discussed in this thread. I’m closing this one and I reopened that thread.