Geotag photo you took in the field

I really want to use INat. Need help though - when I try to load a photo (from my iPhone) that I took at a park the day before, instead of using the geotag on the photo, it wants to use my current location as the location of the observation. It is very frustrating. Is there some way for iNat to use the actual photo location? It is really not possible for me to download the photos as I’m taking them. I’m having too much fun observing nature to want to mess with an app - prefer doing that later, after I’ve had time to crop the photo, etc… HELP!

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iNaturalist does already use the GPS metadata on the photo on iPhone. Have you checked that your camera app has permission to add that data to the photos?



Check first on the photo on the iPhone if it has locality data on. It will show the place and if you swipe up the Place on map. Check if it is accurate. Then you can do the crop and upload on a computer.


What platform are you using? FWIW, I had similar issues when using the iNat website via an iPad or iPhone for data entry instead of using the iOS app.

I suspect there is a setting somewhere that is putting a kink in your workflow

It sounds like perhaps your camera does not have location permissions, but the iNaturalist app does. Try these steps:

  1. Tap on the Settings app (the app with the gear icon)
  2. Tap on Privacy, then Location Services
  3. Make sure Location Services are turned on, then scroll down to “Camera”.
  4. Tap on “Camera” and make sure to select “While using the app”

Now if you walk down the street, take a photo, then walk back and bring it into iNaturalist, does it get the correct location?