Elevating subspecies to species, and all subspecies added


Apologies if this has already been addressed or is documented somewhere, but I’ve searched and cannot find an answer.

What’s the procedure when elevating subspecies to species where they all already have observations? e.g. elevating all of the below to Lomandra longifolia

Lomandra longifolia
Lomandra longifolia ssp. exilis
Lomandra longifolia ssp. longifolia

The other thing, apart from not knowing the correct procedure, that worries me is that L. longifolia has “All subspecies added to the database” next to it.

Edit: Oh, I just remembered the other (probably primary) thing that was bothering me and that is how to deal with the existing deviation (https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/taxa/791893/taxonomy_details)

Although this isn’t a full answer and others could give exact details, wouldn’t making the changes be a form of taxon merge? (or syn. in other taxonomic language). Speculating, if that didn’t work one other option could be elevate each subspecies to different arbitrary (invalid) species, then merge them after that. But, there may be different or more optimal ways to do this.

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I think you’re right @brian_d There’s only 14 observations of the subsp. that I want to sink anyway (the other is obviously the autonym/nominate subsp. so not too worried about that) so if things go haywire it’s easy enough for me to manually re-ID them, although I now can’t really think why things might go wrong. As for the “All species added to the database” I’m not sure what’ll happen there so will see :) If the deviation doesn’t update it can easily be edited as well. I guess I was just nervous because I haven’t done this type of merge/swap before

Yes, I haven’t done that kind of change yet, so just in case I’d doublecheck curator guidelines too. I also don’t 100% know the “all spp./ssp. added to database,” but don’t think that would cause a problem itself. That seems to refer to lists of species being added from a reference database/source. In some cases such ref. sources actually don’t include all species known currently (so such iNat list aren’t necessarily complete, if considering all valid sources), but that’s a separate matter.

@brian_d the merge all seemed to work out fine so thank you, and the deviation “corrected” itself without any further intervention. In addition to your comments, Scott Loarie gave some feedback on the actual flag as well regarding the “all spp./ssp. added to database” and taxon frameworks which I understand better now. So it seems that merging was the way to go. I was just worried because I’d never done something like that before


Good to hear.

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