Email notification for specific project or species list

Someone just asked me if I new of a possibility to include information, into the daily email notification when a new observations is added to a specific project during that day.

The project concerned is one collecting data about Neobiota in Luxembourg, and the idea would be to get a notification if a new occurrence is recorded and added to the collection project.

I looked a into it and apparently information about projects that one follows is not included into a notification email.

A workaround that I could imagine is to “subscribe” to a place in combination with a taxon ex. Luxembourg & Procyon lotor.
However the list of the species that are considered “Neobiota” in Luxembourg is quite long some 180 species. If there is no easier way to do this the user will have to subscribe to 180 place/species combinations :/
So I checked if there was a way to subscribe to a list, well I did not find a possibility to do so.

Maybe someone has an idea how this could be done.

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