Embedded keyword extracted and converted to all upper case

Lately I’ve been working on setting up a hierarchical keyword system in Lightroom. iNaturalist, meanwhile, parses out the embedded keywords and adds them to an observation. I noticed today, that usually the keywords are saved as stored in the images I upload, but I encountered one where it was converted to all upper-case. Why would it do that? I realize searches are case insensitive. But it’s a bit disconcerting for it to be modifying my keywords.

is it the keyword AMYNA in this observation (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/65481564)? if so, you probably need to send the original image file to help@inaturalist.org, or at least make that original image file publicly available somewhere if you want someone to actually help you troubleshoot this.

the only thing i can see is that AMYNA looks like the first tag in the first observation in that set of observations from Nov 23,

Yes. That one. Is the original image not available on the observation?

no, i think the file that is stored in iNaturalist’s servers is a modified version of your original photo, stripped of metadata, and resized. so to troubleshoot appropriately, i think you’ll need to provide a copy of the file that you have.

I don’t think it’s resized. But you’re right. The metadata is different. It looks like they even changed the color profile, which seems odd, to me. Maybe I’ll look into that further at a later date.

I think capitalization is dependent on how it was capitalized by whoever entered that tag the first time in the iNat database.

I tested it out with two accounts: created a tag no one has ever used, and wrote it in all caps. Then logged into test account to add the same tag, but in all lowercase. The tag entered into the test account was automatically rendered in all caps. Same with the one that is a mix of caps and lowercase - on account 2 it was rendered the same even though I entered lowercase.

account 1:
entered these tags with this specific capitalization

account 2:
press enter and it automatically renders like this:


That seems plausible. I’ve noticed it works that way with my own tags. I was hoping it didn’t cross account boundaries though.


That sounds right – I’ve noticed random unexplained case changes in some of my tags also.

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Yes, the display is set by the first use of the tag on iNat.

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