Tag changes itself from "lichen" to "LIchen"

I think this is the same problem they are discussing in this post:

Platform Website

Browser Firefox

and more

(screenshots are weird color because I use a filter to help with my migraines)

Description of problem

Step 1: Write tag “lichen”

Step 2: Tag shows as “lichen”

Step 3: Tag changes itself to “LIchen”

Is this impossible to get rid of? Does it effect other people or just me?

Yeah, I noticed this, too. The capitalization on tags seems to be “locked in” somewhere, I assume by the first instance that tag was used and added to the database, and automatically formatted that way no matter how you capitalize your tags when you enter them. It’s mostly cosmetic and doesn’t affect their function. The main purpose of tags is to be able to search for them and that search is case-insensitive so it doesn’t matter for that.


Okay, as long as the search is not case sensitive, I don’t care what it looks like.

(seems like annkatrinrose’s comment is the solution. maybe it’s time to officially close this bug report.)

I’d probably file this one under “unexpected/undesirable behavior”.

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