Encouraging more identifications from high volume observers

Has anyone had any success directly contacting high volume observers with low volume identifications to encourage them to contribute more IDs?
If so, what worked?


I have not, but I like where your head’s at Andrew! Hope this stays on topic.


I would like iNat to offer popups.
Especially to people who have uploaded thousands of obs.
An observer needs roughly two and half times as many IDs, allowing for some obs which are more complicated than two agree (that is presuming they do not start with their own ID to sp.)

You have made one thousand obs. Thank you. ‘Here is a link, text or video, how to ID for others’

We get a better response to encouraging identifiers here in the forum. Over there on iNat itself, there is a perception that iNat employs curators who are scientists and they make informed IDs. That also bobs up on articles written about iNat, by people who do not use it before writing about it.



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I would be happy if they would even identify their own observations. In my region, I’ve been seen people post hundreds of observations lately that are all blank. I’m sure these people are somewhat knowledgeable to be posting so many so an initial ID would go a long way.