Can people who have not joined out project verify our observations

The members of my aquatic invertebrate survey team are inexperienced in identification. We could use the help of the iNaturslist community to verify our observations but I’m not sure anyone else can see our observations.

All observations on iNat are publicly visible and can be seen by identifiers.

The best way to get identifiers’ attention is to do the best preliminary ID you can within your knowledge.


As long as your observations have photos etc (ie are classed as “verifiable”), then they will be visible to all members… But many identifiers will only have a geographically restricted area of expertise, so likely have filters that they apply that might exclude them. If your obs are not getting IDs within a week (though it depends on which taxa are involved), reach out by tagging some of the top ten identifiers for that branch, and ask them to take a look. If doing this, a little detail about why you need the extra help never goes amiss, but most inatters will be happy to take a look!


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