Enviromental sounds: ¿where is the community?

Some time ago a friend of mine bright me up to record environmental sound, and I was not aware in why I haven’t do it before. So, I have a lot of one-minute records from the beach, the jungle, the desert at night, from cities, my home, a river, this, to use these sound as background in historiestelling, but also, hoping to record some animals emitting sounds, to cut it up from an uploaded to iNat.
So, is there any safe place to upload these records? is anyone here with the same “hobby”?








The place you’re looking for is called the World Listening Project. You can upload these things to Discord when you join. But you can also record sound as an Observation of iNat, although I’ve never done that myself. There’s a thriving community at the World Listening Project. You’ll find your peeps there, I think. Have fun!


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before my old tascam 4trk recorder (that I loved) started crapping out I was getting some cool samples, we arrived to the area during the pandemic, so a number of popular tourist sites were ghost towns, I got a lot of rad soundscapes from the forest and beaches of the coast, last time I was in that forest a couple months ago, we had to step off the trail almost ever 10 minutes there to make room for the farmers and other colonizers driving down the narrow forest trail.

I have a Zoom H2n now that I absolutely despise because it takes over a minute to boot up, rendering it useless for anything other than static captures, unfortunately I barely have time for anything extracurricular in the field.

Whereever you choose to upload your stuff, make sure you document the details of the location and any organisms present in the recording :]


For lovers of field recordings, sound scapes, … : https://www.gruenrekorder.de


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